Direct Hiring

At Topepi (part of SSL Learning) we focus on using the results of the assessments in conjunction with behavioral interviewing techniques to more fully understand how behavioral characteristics will place the candidate within the predefined position description as well as the cultural fit of your organization. We find the overall balance between technical skills, life skills, and work history will produce the best result for your company. This is achieved by providing a candidate that will truly fit all aspects of your organization’s expectations.
Topepi helps companies to hire from our network of pre-qualified or new recruits and talent acquisition specialists across India. We can help you build your remote team.

Rent A Team

Topepi understands the requirements for businesses based on seasonal and temporary needs. Whether you need to fill the absence of a full-time employee, have a special project that requires additional resources, or have a seasonal push, Topepi staffing is expert at filling these roles with quality talent.
We can provide you with train teams in the field of Software Development, Accounting functions, etc. You don’t need to hire them full time instead you can let your recruitment to us and use our Rent A Team service.

Are you looking for a Train Temporary team in India?

Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to transform the professional landscape and shape the future of practical training and certification in various fields.